Fighting the vole



Purpose: Bait for vole control
Registration: Registered by the BVL.

Registration-No. 033366-00.

End of registration: 31.12.2021

Registered in: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic
Active substance: 2,4 % zinc phosphide



Signal word: Warning

Use: The bait consists of dried carrot cubes which swell up through ground humidity. The bait thereby becomes particularly attractive to voles. 5 g of the product is introduced into the tunnels which are again carefully closed. The bait is well suited for application with a vole plough.
Application rate: 8 g each 8-10 meters course length
Packaging: 100 g, respectively 250 g (Kombi box, lined internally with Alu-foil)

3 kg (Folding box with PE foil bag)

Where to buy: Garden center, hardware stores, Raiffeisen markets