Fight voles



Purpose: Gassing product against moles and voles
Registration: Polytanol is registered by the BVL.
Registration-No. 005278-00.
End of Registration: 01.12.2020

Registered in: Germany, Poland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Croatia
Active substance content: 15 % calcium phosphide (Switzerland)

18 % calcium phosphide (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Croatia)

28 % calcium phosphide (Luxemburg, Poland, Hungary)




Signal word: Danger

Use: Polytanol is a granulate which is introduced into the opened vole tunnels. Toxic Phosphine is produced by ground humidity. The gas is slightly heavier than air and distributes itself in the vole tunnels.
Application rate: 8 g each 8-10 meters course length
Packaging: Home and garden: 50 g
Professional users: 125 g, 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg can, 5 kg bucket
Private consumers without proof of competence (fumigation certificate) can only purchase the 50 g cans.
Useful tools: Search bar to find the vole ducts (EUR 27,00)

Hand-held device with dosing device (EUR 259,00)

The devices can be ordered directly from us. Prices are plus 19 % VAT and postage.

Where to buy: Garden centers, DIY stores, Raiffeisen markets

No direct delivery to private consumers!

Polytanol P: The “P” means pellets. Active substance: 25 % calcium phosphide.
The pellets are packed in a 750 g aluminium bottle.