Nomenclature: Metaphosphoric acid
Identification: CAS-Number: 37267-86-0
EG-Number: 253-433-4
UN-Number: 3260
Formula: (HPO3)n / (NaPO3)n
Specification: chemical-pure or ACS-Quality
33,5 – 60 % HPO3
Stabilizer: (NaPO3)n
Description: Colourless, glass-like lumps
Properties: Strong acid, strong hygroscopic, corrosive, causes burns
Use: Food analysis:
Determination of vitamins, e. g. L-Ascorbic acid

Biochemistry / Clinical Chemistry:
Precipitation of protein in biological fluids (denaturation), e. g. blood, serum, urine

Pharmaceutical industry (Diagnostics):
Additive for preparing diagnostics test strips

Chemical analysis in veterinary medicine:
Determination of urea in cattle blood

Dentistry / Orthodontics:
Preparation of Zinc oxyphosphate cement

Packaging: 10 kg metal container with PE inner bag